The Mel Files

The stand alone is finished and with the editor. Thanks to some awesome insomnia at 2am I have a title: The Mel Files. I don’t plan on it becoming a series at this time.


Tonight I will start back on finishing book 5, The Death of a Succubus. It’s strange to have a title so early. For those of you who haven’t heard the series is going to finish at book 6, as of right now.

I have the beginnings of a pre-qual and Mindy and Tommy are going to get a spin off. So there will be more Olie before I jump into the next series.

I’ve also been re-editing book 1. I have to say thank you to everyone who finished Dead Shiter Walking. I was editing it and wondering to myself how the hell I have any fans. My best guess is Olie is too fun of a character. Needless to say it’s getting a much needed over haul.