Demigod Down Synopsis

Since edits are taking a bit longer than expected, here is a sneak peak at the summary for Demigod Down.

Olivia is being stalked.

Olivia, Head Executioner for the Supernatural Council. Pfft, someone or rather some supernatural didn’t take their meds if they thought they could hunt her. Let’s all be honest, she is enjoying the challenge and loving the fact that she gets to slice and dice once she finds them. Silly, silly supernatural.

Of course, her stalker has been busy and it’s disgusting, heart wrenching work cleaning up, but someone has to do it. If only the stalker was her only problem.

Blake, who has grown to be large central part of her life, has a secret and he isn’t sharing.

Kass, her best friend, is getting married to a shifter and drawing Olivia into politics she would rather avoid, and finally Governor Hash has found an exceptionally speedy way to end up on her most likely to kill list.

Olivia is giving thought to revising her policy on not killing humans.