“Hi.” Jerry greeted smiling widely.

The interviewer didn’t bother responding. She was close to her wits end, after being threatened and terrified, not to mention stone walled. But the young, thin black man in front of her exuded a childlike innocence her lip couldn’t help but twitch.

“How do you know Olivia?” She asked softy.

“Drive Ms. Olivia ‘round.” He answered, downplaying the intelligence that glimmered in his dark eyes.

“You assist her with her investigations?” She asked foolishly expecting an honest answer.

“Nope,” Jerry said still giving her the innocent act.

“You didn’t help her with rouge witches?” She asked shocked.

“No, ma’m.” He said again straight faced.

“Didn’t help her bring down the illusive puppet master?” She tried again recalling newspaper headlines.

“Can’t say I recall that, and I reckon I should.” He said snorting when he laughed.

Sitting back against her metal chair she was dumbfounded at the loyalty the mysterious Olivia encouraged.