Kass Interview



“Why?” Kass asked , resting a dark olive arm on the steel table.

“How would you describe Olivia?” she asked again, patience growing thin.

“Who are you working for?” Kass inquired, resting her head in her hand, her tight brown curls dancing around her face.

“What is your favorite memory of Olivia?” She tried again, her tone growing pinched.

“Is your hair naturally that color?” Kass asked, sitting up straight, tilting her head and admiring her bright burgundy locks.

The interviewer took a deep breath, holding it for a moment before releasing it in a loud sigh. Giving Kass a strained smile, she tried again. “How did you meet Olivia?”

“Do you really need those glasses or are they just for show?” Kass asked yawning.

Teeth grinding, he interviewer took a long pause before attempting yet again. She opened her mouth, but Kass didn’t let her get a word out.

“Who makes those glasses by the way, I adore the color.” Kass asked, a sly smile on her lips.

The interviewer sighed , shaking her head, adjusting the grip on the pen, one last time she tried.  “How do you feel about raising a half-shifter half-succubus child?”

Kass scoffed, deadly silent.

The interviewer took note, foolishly pressing the issue, “Others have claimed that makes the child a demon.”

Across the table Kass took a final breath, . “Tread very carefully human.”