Logan, The Shifter

The interviewer left her pen on the paper, as she sat arms crossed, watching the large man. She was personally shocked that, the thin metal chair hadn’t crumpled from his sheer muscular size. He gave her a closed lip smile from a broad and strong mouth as she mentally prepared herself for yet another round of questions.

“How do you know Olivia?” She started already feeling beaten, trying to keep her exhaustion from seeping into her voice.

“We work in the same circles.” Logan answered, not expanding while brushing a dark blond curl from his tan forehead.

She nodded, “Do you enjoy working with her?”

Logan shifted uncomfortably, testing the limits of the chair, “Depends on her mood.”

She nodded again, finding the strength to write down his answers, before pulling another question off her list, “Use one word to describe her.”

Logan stared from the most startling caramel eyes she had ever seen. He held her gaze, not blinking for so long she was considering asking the question again, fidgeting uncomfortably in her own metal chair.

“Magnificent.” He finally said, adjusting his wide shoulders in the groaning chair. “I wish I had a less flattering word for her, but” he held up his hand resting on the table in defeat, “it’s the truth.”

She finished writing her notes, looking back up at the man who clearly belonged on a  football field in deliciously tight pants and not in an expensive navy blue suit, “You are going to be married soon?” she confirmed.

“Correct.” He said, a slight grimace adoring his handsome, tan face.

“Congratulations.” She said out of habit.

“Thank you.” He said flatly, also out of habit.

“Tell me about Steven.” She asked looking up expectantly.

Logan’s mouth thinned into a faded pink line as his beautiful caramel eyes flecked with bright gold morphed before her eyes. Without thinking, she stood, knocking the chair over backing away from the predator before her.

With great restraint, Logan kept himself in check and in the chair. Cracking his neck before answering, “That is a conversation I’d rather not have.”

She nodded rapidly, pressed against the cold metal wall.