Mercer’s Interview

“What word comes to mind when you think of her?” she asked refraining from fidgeting with her pen, composure slightly recovered after the unnerving, handsome vampire. Clearing her throat she brought her attention back to the stout blonde man before her. 

“Unstable.” Mercer answered quickly looking intensely at her with his ice blue eyes, far lighter than her previous interview.

His suit was a terrible shade of cream, doing nothing for his already light complexion.

She made notes before asking, “Do you enjoy working with her?”

“No.” He growled one syllable at her arms firmly crossed daring her to continue this nonsense.

She cleared her throat glancing at her notes. “Tell me about your work on the police force.”

“It’s work.” He responded dryly.

“Do you blame Olivia for getting you fired?” She asked pushing ahead.

Mercer snarled, “How is that any of your business?” wanting to lean aggressively across the distance, stopping himself at a small lean.

“Describe your relationship with Olivia.” She said, proud her voice didn’t crack as she shifted her weight against the plain brown chair.

“Unstable.” He growled again.