Logan, The Shifter

The interviewer left her pen on the paper, as she sat arms crossed, watching the large man. She was personally shocked that, the thin metal chair hadn’t crumpled from his sheer muscular size. He gave her a closed lip smile from a broad and strong mouth as she mentally prepared herself for yet another round of questions.

“How do you know Olivia?” She started already feeling beaten, trying to keep her exhaustion from seeping into her voice.

“We work in the same circles.” Logan answered, not expanding while brushing a dark blond curl from his tan forehead.

She nodded, “Do you enjoy working with her?”

Logan shifted uncomfortably, testing the limits of the chair, “Depends on her mood.”

She nodded again, finding the strength to write down his answers, before pulling another question off her list, “Use one word to describe her.”

Logan stared from the most startling caramel eyes she had ever seen. He held her gaze, not blinking for so long she was considering asking the question again, fidgeting uncomfortably in her own metal chair.

“Magnificent.” He finally said, adjusting his wide shoulders in the groaning chair. “I wish I had a less flattering word for her, but” he held up his hand resting on the table in defeat, “it’s the truth.”

She finished writing her notes, looking back up at the man who clearly belonged on a  football field in deliciously tight pants and not in an expensive navy blue suit, “You are going to be married soon?” she confirmed.

“Correct.” He said, a slight grimace adoring his handsome, tan face.

“Congratulations.” She said out of habit.

“Thank you.” He said flatly, also out of habit.

“Tell me about Steven.” She asked looking up expectantly.

Logan’s mouth thinned into a faded pink line as his beautiful caramel eyes flecked with bright gold morphed before her eyes. Without thinking, she stood, knocking the chair over backing away from the predator before her.

With great restraint, Logan kept himself in check and in the chair. Cracking his neck before answering, “That is a conversation I’d rather not have.”

She nodded rapidly, pressed against the cold metal wall.


The Grams

“What word comes to mind when you think of her?” she asked tiring.

“Efficient.” Grams said adjusting her pale green dress suit regarding the child across from her with haunting superiority.

She shifted looking back at her list of questions.

“Why did you choose to work with her on the Council?” she asked forcing herself to look back up into her stony eyes, trying not to feel inferior.

“She needed someone who had an excellent business understanding.” She shrugged as though it was a common skill everyone should be comfortable with.

The interviewer nodded. “How do you enjoy supervising Kitten?”

“I don’t.” she said “That is Olivia’s baby, the entertainment hub of St. Anne.”

Fiddling with her pen the interview took a deep breathing before asking, “What did you do before working on the Council?”

“I dabbled.” She responded her shoulders growing tense.

“In what?” she asked forgetting the list of questions she had.

“I don’t believe that question is in your list.” Grams said softly watching her knowingly.

Looking down  at the list and then back to the older, yet regal woman in front of her she moved her mouth to ask how she knew that, Grams phone went off.

“Well that was fun.” Grams said picking it up, leaving the room answering it.

The interviewer sat back, mouth still opened looking from her list, to the woman. What the hell?



Kass Interview



“Why?” Kass asked , resting a dark olive arm on the steel table.

“How would you describe Olivia?” she asked again, patience growing thin.

“Who are you working for?” Kass inquired, resting her head in her hand, her tight brown curls dancing around her face.

“What is your favorite memory of Olivia?” She tried again, her tone growing pinched.

“Is your hair naturally that color?” Kass asked, sitting up straight, tilting her head and admiring her bright burgundy locks.

The interviewer took a deep breath, holding it for a moment before releasing it in a loud sigh. Giving Kass a strained smile, she tried again. “How did you meet Olivia?”

“Do you really need those glasses or are they just for show?” Kass asked yawning.

Teeth grinding, he interviewer took a long pause before attempting yet again. She opened her mouth, but Kass didn’t let her get a word out.

“Who makes those glasses by the way, I adore the color.” Kass asked, a sly smile on her lips.

The interviewer sighed , shaking her head, adjusting the grip on the pen, one last time she tried.  “How do you feel about raising a half-shifter half-succubus child?”

Kass scoffed, deadly silent.

The interviewer took note, foolishly pressing the issue, “Others have claimed that makes the child a demon.”

Across the table Kass took a final breath, . “Tread very carefully human.”

Mercer’s Interview

“What word comes to mind when you think of her?” she asked refraining from fidgeting with her pen, composure slightly recovered after the unnerving, handsome vampire. Clearing her throat she brought her attention back to the stout blonde man before her. 

“Unstable.” Mercer answered quickly looking intensely at her with his ice blue eyes, far lighter than her previous interview.

His suit was a terrible shade of cream, doing nothing for his already light complexion.

She made notes before asking, “Do you enjoy working with her?”

“No.” He growled one syllable at her arms firmly crossed daring her to continue this nonsense.

She cleared her throat glancing at her notes. “Tell me about your work on the police force.”

“It’s work.” He responded dryly.

“Do you blame Olivia for getting you fired?” She asked pushing ahead.

Mercer snarled, “How is that any of your business?” wanting to lean aggressively across the distance, stopping himself at a small lean.

“Describe your relationship with Olivia.” She said, proud her voice didn’t crack as she shifted her weight against the plain brown chair.

“Unstable.” He growled again.


Blake’s Interview

“Tell me about Olivia.” The interviewer’s pen perched delicately on the lined yellow paper. Her full red lips beautifully contrasting her porcelain skin and maroon glasses.

Blake leaned in, giving her a winning smile from perfectly white teeth against his own scrumptious blood lips.

“What do you want to know darling?” He asked, brilliant blue eyes sparkling.

She blinked her moss green eyes at him, the corner of her mouth twitching slightly as she restrained her answering smile.

Although warned of his charm, she hadn’t expected her own reaction.

She rephrased, “What word comes to mind when you think of her?” tapping her pen against her pad nervously with her acrylic blood red nails.

Blake took notice of the action, his crystal blue eyes glancing at her delicate hand with smoldering heat and she quickly stopped, waiting for his response with heated cheeks.

He smiled, watching her growing discomfort with dark glee.

“One word.” He said leaning back crossing his arms over his black silk shirt pulling the material taunt over his biceps.

Her eyes roved the bulging muscles. Blake caressed his full bottom lip with his index finger as she sucked a breath, her eyes glued to where he touched. “Just one?” He asked playfully holding up his finger.

She nodded, unable to speak.

Leaning forward across the harsh metal table, Blake licked his lips before answering,

young vampire girl's smile