How I Self-Published

How I Self-Published

  1. I wrote a LOT! Sometimes I wrote stories that I knew needed so much work that they would get pushed to the back burner, but the important thing is to get the ideas down. To create something to come back to, to remind you of the amazing work you have yet to do.
  2. Goal planning: I’m not going to get into detail on what you should do, because I don’t know you or your schedule. Once you finish your writing, here is what I recommend:
    1. Take a break: Steven King takes 6 weeks off before editing! I don’t have that kind of time just starting out, but a week at least I find helpful.
    2. Read it all again, edit, be real with yourself, if you don’t like it, change it!
    3. Get a professional editor: I used to find an editor I could afford, because just starting out I couldn’t pay three cents per word.
    4. Take another break.
    5. Re-read.
    6. Find a beta reader, someone detail orientated is great, but anyone who is willing to give you feedback and find the final few errors, hopefully.
  3. Create/Buy amazing custom artwork. In the digital world readers buy with their eyes. A fantastic cover if the difference between being passed over and being purchased. Spend the money and invest in beautiful artwork. I use
  4. Publish! Amazon makes it simple to format your book for their website. Smashwords will convert to itunes, nook, and others. Create Space will give you the ability to create hard copies.
  5. Marketing: I am still figuring this one out. So far I have discovered that shares on facebook rule, and contacting book reviewers may or may not get you in the door.

Theses are the people, pages, email blasts I subscribe to in working toward being a published writer. These are writers who typically write in my genre of paranormal romance, if that isn’t your hearts desire, find your favorite authors who write what you love.

The Creative Penn She is smart, really smart and has so much knowledge to offer.

Bad Ass Guide to Writing I adore Sonja Foust and her love of profanity along with dirty jokes.

K.F. Breene I am in love with her Darkness series and her raw honesty on her Facebook page.