I’d rather write, than edit.

Me, thinking of finishing writing my latest book. 

So here I am, sitting posed on the end of Penni’s story and stalling. Yep, I’m on my web page, trying to make it better. And granted, I think I have made improvements, my skill level for this is low, like my three year old could probably do better. 

Truthfully, I always have a hard time with the endings. One, I get to go back and edit. Ugh. That’s painful and tedious and a necessary evil. Than I send it to an editor and do the whole process again and again. 

But the real reason I stop and flail around like a fish out of water, is I hate the endings. I love these characters. I’ve lived and breathed them. I’ve had them downloaded into my brain to flow from my finger tips. They surprise the hell out of me. Penni’s story took a quite a few turns I wasn’t expecting. One of the largest, is she went from being a one book story to three. 

AND Olie and Logan make an appearance! Excuse me while I fan girl. Writing Olie from another persons POV is so fun. I missed her and Logan. There may be another book for them, I can’t decide. I also have a list of other characters begging for their turn at being inked down. It’s a beautiful problem to have. 

So let you know your thoughts on the new layout and if anyone has a copy of Idiots Guide to Web Design, I’ll take it.